The US Veteran community is full of ingenuity, resourcefulness and drive. There is an abundance of innovators, tinkerers and creators in the community and an abundance of clean energy problems that need solving. And yet, Veterans are underrepresented in the clean energy sector—particularly in startups and as founding entrepreneurs. We want to change that.

Our goal is to fuel Veteran ingenuity and help accelerate the next generation of clean energy startups.


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We actively encourage and welcome broad participation in this event. We want people from all  parts of our military community. Whether you are an officer or enlisted, active duty, reserve, separated or retired;  regardless of gender, race, education level, time in service or branch of service – we want you to engage and participate.


You see, this hackathon is intended to benefit a broad, diverse swath of military veterans, because, as you know, the strength of the force comes from the diversity of unit, working in concert as a team-of-teams. In that light, and to envigorate the energy industry, we seek to empower you to structure a program that incorporate a wide variety of perspectives, process the information, collaborate on possible solutions and quickly make decisions. These are skills sharpened in all branches of military service. Let's put them to work in building a sustainable future together. Are you with us?!


Only 100 spots available for this event.  Don’t miss out. Register Now !


"  Veterans of all branches of service and occupational specialties understand the importance of energy and water sustainability in combat environments. The lessons they have learned in their military careers can deliver valuable insights to their country and community through engagement with this hackathon.  ”

- Phil Dillard

 Co-Founder, VETCON

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Why participate?


  • Your contributions will help ensure the virtual platform meets the real life needs of your community.

  • Your insights and ingenuity will help advance entrepreneurship and business opportunities for veterans

  • Be at the forefront of community specific hackathon design and a whole new world of virtual teaming and concept development



to each member of the winning team

Everyone gets the satisfaction of creating the platform to fuel veteran founded startups

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The team


Jesper Alexander Wind CEO, PeerPilot

Jesper Alexander Wind

CEO, PeerPilot

Phil Dillard Co-Founder, VETCON

Phil Dillard

Co-Founder, VETCON

Sherri Pittman Managing Director, California Clean Energy Fund

Sherri Pittman

Managing Director, California Clean Energy Fund


“   We need lots of innovators to imagine and create the new ideas, technologies, distribution tools and markets that will take us to energy independence.  We want to make sure our Veteran community is a full participant in this new wave of ingenuity and economic opportunity.   ”

- Sherri Pittman

Managing Director, California Clean Energy Fund

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How does it work?


This is a virtual hackathon which means the entire process will be completely online - and on your own time. You decide when to log into the community to provide input.  You decide how often and how long you want to be online.  You get to be creative and contribute to advancing veteran entrepreneurship - on a schedule that suits your life!

All you need to do is register. We’ll confirm your spot via email (only the first 100 registrants will be able to participate) and PeerPilot, our partner for this hackathon, will send you log in instructions. Here’s the flow of events and key dates:


  • Register online
  • You will receive an email confirming your spot at the hackathon
  • Peer Pilot will provide login instructions
  • Review the background materials prior
  • We make virtual team assignments
  • Team brainstorms
  • Participants vote
  • Expert coaches provide feedback
  • Participants design solutions
  • Judges select winning team


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